By Movers. For Movers.

Technology products help you run a better moving business.

About Us

MoveTech is a technology company founded by movers to create technology products for movers. We are a team of engineers, designers, and moving industry veterans who have come together to use technology to solve some of the industry’s biggest problems.

We founded MoveTech because as we have been searching for more efficient ways to run our business, we have found two kinds of software. The first is clunky tools obviously built by someone who has never lifted furniture. Enterprise software today doesn’t need to look like it’s from the 1980’s, and it shouldn’t require a manual to understand. It should look and feel as easy to use as the rest of the software that powers our daily lives. At MoveTech, we believe it is possible to build software that is not only functional, but is actually a pleasure to use.

The second kind of software we’ve found is the same paper documents movers have filled out for decades, just on a computer or tablet. We have no use for a software band-aid over an antiquated process. Entirely new methods of doing business have emerged in other industries, while the moving industry has been ignored. MoveTech is here to change that.

By Movers, For Movers

At MoveTech, we believe in “eating our own dogfood”. In fact, as movers ourselves, anything we build gets used on thousands of moves in-house before it ever sees the light of day outside of our organization. This gives our customers the peace of mind that not only are our products reliable, they’ve been vetted in the real world and produced actual value and efficiencies within the industry before we ever introduce them to others.

On top of that, more than anything, we believe in fairness. If our products don’t produce noticeable improvements, you shouldn’t pay for them. That’s why our introductory product, the VISI, comes with a one-of-a-kind service level agreement, a first ever for an moving industry inventory product. Any VISI that fails to meet strict standards is free.

Interested in our technology?

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