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Manager of Estimating
Wheaton, IL

MoveTech is a technology company founded by movers to create technology products for movers. We are a team of engineers, designers, and moving industry veterans who have come together to use technology to solve some of the industry’s biggest problems.

We founded MoveTech because as we have been searching for more efficient ways to run our business, we have found two kinds of software. The first is clunky tools obviously built by someone who has never lifted furniture. Enterprise software today doesn’t need to look like it’s from the 1980’s, and it shouldn’t require a manual to understand. It should look and feel as easy to use as the rest of the software that powers our daily lives. At MoveTech, we believe it is possible to build software that is not only functional, but is actually a pleasure to use.

The second kind of software we’ve found is the same paper documents movers have filled out for decades, just on a computer or tablet. We have no use for a software band-aid over an antiquated process. Entirely new methods of doing business have emerged in other industries, while the moving industry has been ignored. MoveTech is here to change that.

About the Job

You and your team will be watching recorded videos of our Video Survey team walking a customer through their home, capturing everything that will be moving. From this video, an accurate and exhaustive inventory list will be generated using the MoveTech software. Creating an accurate inventory of what is in someone’s home allows our moving company customers to provide accurate price quotes to their moving customers.

As the manager of this group, you will also be responsible for the overall performance of the estimating process in totality. This includes 1) inventory accuracy 2) inventory turnaround time 3) conforming to our clients’ specifications 4) building and sustaining team morale and 5) promoting cooperation within the entire company.

Ongoing improvement of this service will also hinge upon software improvements, and you will be expected to be proactive and thoughtful when it comes to articulating the improvements that can be solved through technology.

About You

You have great attention to detail, coupled with an eye for spaces and shapes. You literally need to think both outside and inside the box! Although you won’t be interacting with customers, you will need good communication skills with your colleagues who are doing live video surveys with people that are moving. You’ll need to be focused on accuracy and very comfortable with computers.

Technology comes very easy to you - you are not hindered by it. You have demonstrated an ability to use it to its fullest in assisting you in the way you work.

As a manager, you have great people skills and know how to motivate, train and inspire people who are working for you in these roles. You have successfully managed a group before and enjoy the responsibilities that come with this task. You also show a history of continual improvement in your career that you will apply with the development of this group.


  • Managing a team of estimators
  • Training the estimating team how to estimate and cube a shipment accurately
  • Meeting and exceeding all SLA’s for our customers
  • Assist with evaluating and managing various outsourced partners
  • Maintenance and oversight of the Standard Operating Procedures for the team
  • Watching recorded video surveys and creating inventories to be sent to customers
  • Providing questions and feedback to Video Surveyors on the video inventory process
  • Creating detailed and accurate inventory lists from video surveys


  • Computer literate
  • Attentive and detail oriented
  • Good communicator
  • Management experience
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Moving industry experience


  • 5+ years of moving industry experience
  • An understanding of the transportation industry
  • Previous experience as an on-site surveyor


We offer competitive compensation and a dynamic work environment. We also offer excellent health, dental, and vision benefits to all full time employees.

Video Surveyor
Wheaton, IL

MoveTech is making moving better for moving companies and end consumers alike. The first step towards this is MoveTech’s innovative and one of a kind Video Inventory method and Variable Itemized Systematic Inventory (VISI). Our pre-move Video Inventory and VISI represent a huge leap forward in the home survey process.

MoveTech services the moving industry by providing an accurate, professional inventory and cubing service with amazing customer service. Perfect for remote locales, servicing national accounts with moves originating anywhere in the world, or as additional capacity during peak-demand times, all while simplifying and making the process more efficient.

For consumers, MoveTech provides an easy-to-use process that fits their schedule and eliminates the need for a salesperson to physically enter the home.

About the Job

Video Surveyors are charged with servicing MoveTech's customer base. The role will require regular video interaction with individual customers using FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts and helping them estimate exactly how much they are moving. Additionally you will be talking with businesses that are interested in using our service.

About You

You're a detail oriented people pleaser who is the person their friends vent to. Being organized is a priority for you and you excel at written communication. Friends describe you as personable and relatable, change isn't always your favorite thing, and you consistently follow through on the projects you start. You naturally take control of situations and have a knack for putting people at ease.


  • Answer customer questions
  • Schedule and perform video surveys and phone calls
  • Maintain operations and customer data via MoveTech's interface and various other repositories
  • Correspond with customers regarding their place in the MoveTech process
  • Discover and report customer feedback
  • Interface with customers via email, chat, sms, and phone


  • Stellar email skills; you love proper grammar
  • Strong computer skills
  • Extremely strong creative problem-solving ability
  • Extremely strong communication skills


  • Knowledge of the moving industry
  • Previous customer service experience

Open Positions

  1. Manager of Estimating
  2. Video Surveyor

How to apply at MoveTech

When you're ready to apply for a position with MoveTech, send an email to [email protected] with the name of the job that you're applying for in the email subject line. Don't forget to include your resume and tell us why you'd like to work for us.